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ASIAN films on DVD from Hong Kong, China, Japan, and other regions. Unless otherwise noted, all items listed are DVD- and are coded for all regions, and have Chinese language (or other native language) with English subtitles. Most are letterbox. WE ARE IN Garland, Texas. Orders ship US mail. Call 1-800-569-6562 to order. Call 1-972-272-4570 for DVD film questions. Sorry, but this ASIAFILM.COM site is now an ACTIVE ARCHIVE site. Most Pricing is out of date, and does not apply. At least half the movies shown here are out of print. Some we still have, others not. Either way, prices here do not apply. Please do not send orders asking for these prices. instead, please request a price quote by email first! We apologize for the inconvenience, but thousands of Hong Kong DVDs have gone out of print, and there is no practical way to keep this entire site up to date. Read below for more info.

Welcome to the new Asiafilm.com site. We have had to economize and scale down the site some, but I hope you enjoy browsing anyway. If any questions about prices and availability, please send an email before ordering.

All pricing information on this classic site is subject to change or may be incorrect. Some titles may no longer be available. We apologize for any inconvenience. You may still shop our classic site (here) using our secure order form . Please remember that we are not responsible for price errors on this classic site. Thank you!


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: ALL of our Bargain Basement DVDs are original, high quality official DVDs. NOT COPIES! Many of these titles once sold at Suncoast at the malls for around $20 or more. Many others are not even sold in stores, or are out of print, and you might not see for sale again ever (your last chance). So take a new look at our Bargain Basement NOW!

Now that our Irving store is closed, we will use this space to list some special items:

Away With Words- Christopher Doyle's directoral debut is an artistic creative masterpiece. A Japanese man with an unusual ability/curse who remembers every detail of his life (cannot forget anything) escapes to the underground life in Hong Kong.-$40 very limited stock

Drunken Master II - official international version from Thakral- starring Jackie Chan. This DVD went out of print last year, and now is very hard to find. We only have a couple remaining. -$52

Thunderbolt-Jackie Chan- rare original Taiwan DVD from ThunderMedia-NOW BACK IN STOCK! $57. Also the rare OOP Thakral DVD. Pan and scand, but the quality and subtitles are slightly better than the Taiwan edition. Best of all, the soundtrack is original Cantonese. Price is $62. Only one left.

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The Touch-Michelle Yeoh- Special 2-disc set. All region, official DVD from Hong Kong, not a copy.-$17

Back in stock-SPECIAL SALE: Man Called Hero $8

Tsai Ming-Liang: Rebels of the Neon God $36

More: Bruce Lee in G.O.D. (New!)-$8, Vampire vs. Vampire-$16, La Brassier (very popular comedy)-$9, Cupio One (OOP Megastar)-$24, One Arm Hero (aka Iron Bridge) good-$7, Super Lady Cop (Cynthia Khan)-$20, Yi Yi (Edward Yang [USA])-$17, Hit Team (DTS)-$12.


- -.| -. -|

-Happiness of the Katakuris (R3) $10 - Kung Fu Master (Donnie Yen TV series!)-$22- Inner Senses DTS-$11

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms DVD Box Set is back!- New Special Purchase Price-reduced: only $75. All 28 original discs!

We are re-stocked once again. This is the lowest website price you will find. We made a special purchase, because the price was reduced for this PAL DVD set. This is the official China TV 28-DVD set. With this low price, you can have plenty of cash left to buy a $35 bargain DVD player (nearly all of those will play PAL format DVDs like these). If you have any doubt, just add $40 (including extra shipping) and we will ship you a brand new PAL compatible DVD player with this set! These are real, original, official DVDs, not VCDs. We just got an incredible deal on the last shipment. So get it while you can. Sometimes when prices go very low, it indicates something going out of print soon.

This is a great war TV series about historical China based on the classic novel- very addictive. These are all-region, but are PAL only mode- so will play on most DVD-ROM computers (no need to change region settings since these are all-region); or if you have a multi-format DVD machine such as an all-region Apex or Daewoo. Most cheap generic DVD players are PAL compatible also. Mandarin or Cantonese language options with English subtitles. The full featured menu is Chinese only, but is easy to figure out, or use your remote to select English subtitles. This is the complete series of 84 episodes, each 40 minutes. That's 56 hours running time! Three episodes on each disc (2 hours per disc). 28 DVDs are in this beautiful box set- only $75 + $10 priority mail or $7 for UPS shipping (your choice). International order pays actual insured postage. Again, these are brand new, factory sealed original DVD box set, not bootlegs. Please note- the sets we have now look slightly different (cover art) than this picture. These are the newer redesigned covers from China TV, not the bootlegs.

Gift Certificates are available from Asiafilm.com for any amount over $5.00. Just make payment by any of the usual methods, and you will receive a gift certificate in your name (transferable) which is good for an unlimited time. Order Here 

We now have over 20 DVD titles from Tung Ah in China. These are authorized, factory sealed DVDs. Most are are rare and important titles! Not available in stores anywhere in North America. We have: Beyond Hypothermia (like Le Fem Nakita), Green Snake (Maggie Cheung), The Great Conqueror's Concubine (includes I&II), Deadly (Deadful) Melody, Tri-Star (mispelled Trisect), and Swordsman in Double Flag Town. All except Swordsman in DFT have English subtitles and all are all-region coded. Now only $12 each! These are some great movies at a great price.

The Yong Zheng Dynasty - BACK IN STOCK by popular demand! 22 Disc DVD box set of the most popular Chinese TV Series ever made, and for good reason. All I know about this historic Ching Dynasty time period is what I saw in this TV series, which I just finished. That's still a lot of info. If correct, Yong Zheng was a reform-minded enlightened despot way ahead of his time, who tried to radically reform the Chinese feudal system. Unfortunately, hardly anyone in his family or government cooperated, giving him a very rocky life, ulcers, and an early natural death. Overall a real nice guy, except he could lop off heads with the best if angered. But this has to be the most addictive TV series in the history of television. Awesome! - $195- lowest price in the west! This set is previewed, but is in mint condition and fully checked.

The Yong Zheng Dynasty

More News: We have in stock most of the Fox- Lorber International films (aka Winstar, aka Wellspring) on DVD. Most of these are exellent films on DVD, and are usually not discounted in stores; films from Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, the U.S., and other parts of the world. All Fox-Lorber $30 are discounted to only $20 (lowest price on the web)! $25 titles are only $17 (for a limited time). For some of their selections, see our International films page.

Criterion titles also available. Usually in stock:

Yojimbo and Sanjuro - $24 each. | High and Low $33 | Kwaidan - $24

 One of a kind specials:

Fay Wong World Tour Concert-only $17

"Hands on a Hard Body" Region 0 DVD. The funniest docu-comedy ever made: only $14 on DVD! The old release is out of print. We stock high quality DVD-R of this classic. Fully guaranteed.

Note: All DVDs and laserdiscs shown are NTSC. Most DVDs are coded for all regions; a few are coded for North America. If you have any questions or requests, just email us. We try to answer promptly, but when experiencing a busy period, it may take a few days. If we don't have your request, it may take longer to reply. We carry some titles not listed on our website. If you know that a title is in print, we can likely get it or may already have it for you. Just call or email.


NEW SHIPPING COST POLICY: In order to match other competitors, we now offer optional free shipping for orders over $50.00. To get your free shipping, just state your request when you order, or send us an email immediately after you order requesting such. We will then use media mail to ship your order. If you would like faster and more reliable priority mail shipping, you need do nothing. Prioroty mail will continue to be our default shipping method for the same low discounted rates as in recent years: (domestic shipments to the U.S.): flat rate $5.00 for up to three DVDs! For four or more DVDs, add 50 cents per disc to cover postage cost. We appreciate your business! If any questions, please call or email.

To order, paste item(s) description into our Order Form, or fax 940-497-2300, or send check/money order payable to Asiafilm to: Asiafilm, P.O. Box 293028, Lewisville, TX 75029. Please include phone number and shipping preference if other than regular. You are welcome to call your credit card order in to 1-800-569-6562 from 10am-10pm Central Time. For film questions, call us at 940-497-FILM.

International Shipping costs vary. Airmail postage for one DVD to Europe is usually $5, depending on weight. For Canada we charge $5.00 for one or two DVDs. Airmail to Asia and Australia is $5.00 for one DVD. Since most DVD titles we carry are all-region coded, we welcome European and other international customers. Payment must be in US funds in cash equivalent. Credit cards are fine, but must be verified by proof of address and a way to contact your bank. Cash in the mail is really quite safe too, if sent from countries with reliable mail (for amounts such as $15 or $20).

Return policies: Asiafilm.com guarantees all laserdiscs and DVDs to be without defects. Please note that some early generation players can produce playback errors with a small minority of All Region coded Hong Kong DVDs. Also, some computer setups are not compatible with all DVDs in general. What to do if you encounter a "digital breakup" problem: take it to a friend's with a different DVD player than yours. If the same problem shows, call or email us for a return authorization, and we will send you a replacement for the same title. All returned discs must be in mint condition (disc and box) or a lower amount of credit will be issued! All laserdics are guaranteed to play perfectly on any laserdisc player.

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