"The Back Room" - Adult DVDs - Asiafilm.com does not focus on adult Hong Kong titles. There are plenty of websites that do that. The following titles are offered for our customers who are mature adults and wish to view films which have some nudity and sexual content.

Lies- directed by Jang Sun Woo - the Korean film everyone is talking about. Graphic S&M (not hardcore) about a college freshman girl having an affair with an older man.- $19

Special Sale-$11 each: Beauty of the Haunted House. Also, we have reduced prices on some of our other most popular titles. See below!

Book Of Erotic Change: I-Ching IT'S BACK!! - $10

Chinese Erotic Ghost Story - Jessica Chung Chun, Grace Yang Ka Ling, Hung Siu Wan. Directed by Cho Kin Nam - $10 - (note: this is not the same as Erotic Ghost Story) -

Lady in Heat- Miho Nomoto and Revaca Chang team up in this fem le fem pictorial video. This is probably the best quality nude pictorial in the world on DVD or video (not X-rated). Intimate Desire is the same film on DVD, but minus the collector's postcards. Stars Nomoto Miho and Rebaca Chang.- $19 ea.

Chinese Torture Chamber - Exploitive sex-romp fun. This is mainly about sex and S&M, not real torture.. - $14

Chinese Torture Chamber II - More exploitive sex-romp fun. This is mainly about sex and S&M, not real torture. - $14

Don't Tell My Partner - Very sexy and sex-filled story about infidelity at the office. C-grade flick, but The lead actress is something else! Recommended! - $9

<<<Lover of the Last Empress - Chingmy Yau - sexy historical drama about the last emperess of China. This is a mediocre film, but Chingmy Yau's erotic dance is worth the price of admission! - only $11

Romance of the West Chamber - Very B-grade movie, but lots of sex and incredibly beautiful women, including rare long moments with Cheri Cheung and Kung Ka-ling (together). Story takes place at a Shaolin monastary, and is actually quite entertaining as well. A very romantic, but lustful comedy, with some political drama thrown in Hong Kong style. - $11 new low price!

The Fruit Is Swelling (1997) - Hot hot hot - Very sexy and sex-filled adult comedy. Great story too! This is like an adult version of the Tom Hanks movie- BIG, but with a girl. $15

The Fruit is Ripe - Sequel to the popullar Fruit is Swelling film. Another great skin flick available at a bargain price - $11


Crazy Love - This is a sexy story with one of the prettiest young actresses you will ever see (Loretta Lee) - who likes to take her top off in public and more! Fun story, too. She tells her parents she is going on vacation to the U.S., but gives here tickets away at the airport and takes off with her money on an adventure around Hong Kong instead- looking for love and fun! Great opening shower scene. On Backorder.


Escape From Brothel! - You can tell from the title this is high class entertainment. $23

NEW! Frivolous Lola (English language) New release, great quality. Cult classic favorite! Now on DVD-out of stock

Erotic Ghost Story - The original. A true classic, tastefully done (more or less) sex and nudity with three of the most beautiful women in the world, AND a great story! - only $15

Erotic Ghost Story 2 - Charine Chan, Chik King Man, Anthony Wong. Director - Peter Ngor - $12 NEW LOW PRICE

Erotic Ghost Story 3 - The fun continues! - $12

<<<Erotic Nightmare - This looks like a nightmare? The Chinese fascination with sex and ghosts continues. Try it, you will like it! Special purchase - only $16


Jin Pin Mei - very erotic classic story. This is the single DVD feature film. - $18

Naked Killer - Chingmy Yau, Carrie Ng, Simon Yam, Yiu Wai. Produced by Wong Jing, Clarence Ford, director. A sexy action/supense/thriller. Great kung fu & action by two of Hong Kongs hottest actresses! Recommended - $21 - We now carry the higher quality Media Asia un-cut version.

Naked Poison - $16

Indecent Woman - Upon learning that her husband is trying to sell her body in exchange for business favors, Lam loses control and kills her husband. She then devises a plan to lure her husband's business partner and murders him also. Its all an excuse to make another Hong Kong sex-murder-horror flick with a beautiful woman as the leading role. NEW Low Price: $13!

Girls in the Hood - Tough girl action! Low Price: $12!

The Love & Sex of the Eastern Hollywood - Good human interest drama about four struggling actresses and what they have to go through to strive for successs. - $13 - Bargain Alert!

Temptation of Office Ladies -not bad at all!- $14 on backorder for a week or two.

PR Girls - $13 Bargain alert!

Robotrix - A true modern Hong Kong adult film classic. (Very sexy!) Amy Yip stars as a bionic woman who was put back together after being nearly killed. Similar story theme as Robocop, except very riske'. Cantonese-only soundtrack; has selectable English subtitles. Excellent quality. - sorry, out of print. But we are accepting pre-orders of the upcoming Media Blasters release. - $22

Sex Phone Girl - Features Kung Ka-ling, one of China's most beautiful actresses. Recommended! Low price.- $11


The Pillow Book - Written and directed by Peter Greenaway- Great multimedia movie and musical score! US Region 1 version- $24.

Pretty Woman - popular exploitive adult drama. - $18 Back in Stock!

More Hong Kong Adult:

New! Sex and the Emperor on DVD- $15

Raped By An Angel (Naked Killer II)- Chingmy Yau, Ng Suet Man, Simon Yam, Mark Cheng. Wong Jing-Producer), Andrew Lau-director. This is a very B-grade movie done in very bad taste, but it also shows more of Chigmy Yau than I think any other film does; and other nude Chinese fems. Back in stock on a new release- $13 lower price.

Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan - Athena Chu, Jessica Chung Chun, Yang Fang - Wong Jing(Producer), Cheung Man (director). This gets a little worse, and no Chigmy Yau either, but still an OK skin flick. - $12 new low price

Raped By an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive. Back in stock! Lower price! - $12 new low price

Raped By An Angel 4: The Rapists Union - Finally! This series has gotten so bad that it is really entertaining. Almost the worst taste immaginable- even for Hong Kong! A secret society of professional rapists terrorize the neighborhood females. The women exact their revenge.- $15

NEW! - Raped By An Angel 5: The Final Judgement - the exploitive romp continues. Recent release from Universe. - $14

Sex And Zen - Amy Yip, Chow Wang - Director: Michael Mak- $15- Low price!

Sex & Zen 2 - out of print on DVD, but we have this on VCD. Not bad! - only $8

Sex & Zen 3 - Jessica Chung Chun, Grace Yang Ka Ling, Tung Yee - Wong Jing (Producer), Cheung Man (director) - 3 Subtitles selection - $14- low price

Troublesome Night 4 - Adult-oriented Ghost Stories. New reduced price. - $14

New lower prices on all "Virgin Fantasy" DVDs

Virgin Fantasy: Keung Kalin- very good! Yes, these are pictorial videos. No "action". But they are better than typical Playboy videos. - $10.

Virgin Fantasy: Nomoto Miho- very good! - $10

Virgin Fantasy: Yuuki Maiko. This is absolutely fantastic. - $10

Virgin Fantasies Golden Collection I or II - $10 ea.

Water Margin-Heroes' Sex Stories - Very entertaining legendary stories with a lot of nudity & sex thrown in. Very pretty actresses. Out of print.

Video CD (VCD) Bargain basement specials (subject to availability-but most are kept in stock):

Basic Impulse- (decent story too)-$7 - -Naked Rose-$7 - -- Erotic Babe- $6- --- Prostitute- $7- -Club Girl-$7

Behind the Pink Door-$7 - -7 Days in Paris (French with Eng. subtitles) Nothing wrong with this!-$5 - --- Hong Kong Show Girl- $7

Emannuelle Series (the US series starring Krista Allen)- "Emmanualle in Space" - Emannuelle-Queen of the Galaxy, etc. Good news- We now have the full box set DVDs!-only $65 + $6.00 shipping. This is a really nice 7-DVD boxed collectors set- new release!

The VCDs of the same set are BACK IN STOCK, except #7 (out of print). These are SEX ROMPS, not rated, but not hard porn. We have #1-6 VCD sets (2 discs in each full length film set). She sure looks better than the original Emmanuelle. This is the 1990s American movie series. These are factory sealed originals from Hong Kong. They have the original English language, are not censored, and have white Chinese subtitles which are not very intrusive. Lower prices: Only $35 for VCDs 1-6! Shipping only $5.00 for this grouped set. Single copy purchases are now only $8.00 each. We do have one left of the out of print #7 for $18 (sorry, it's the last one).

French Emannuelle Series (starring Marcela Walerstein) Sequels: (Sorry- all out of stock) Emmanuelle's Love (2), and Emmanuelle's Magic (3), Emmanuelle's Perfume (4), Emmanuelle's Revenge (5), Emmanuelle in Venic (6), and Emmanuelle's Secret (7) - Some of these have the original actress Sylvia Kristel, and also introduce a new "younger Emmanuelle" - Marcela Walerstein.

Other HOT VCDs: Sex and the Emperor - $10 - -- Frivolous Lola (English language) Provocative and cute! Cult classic.- out of stock

We have in stock many (but not all) of the offerings from ASIAVIEW ENTERTAINMENT. There are a wide range of films, from the extreme to the mild; but all feature some very attractive asian women. All AVE $30 titles are on sale at Asiafilm.com: only $20 each! That is 33% off! Take a look for yourself at AVE's website at: http://www.avexx4x.com/ . But be sure and come back here to order so you may save 33% off suggested retail price of these adult DVD movies! Take a few notes and then ORDER HERE, or call us at 1-800-569-6562. Below are some samples of what they have to offer. We usually stock all of the following:

Shu Kei -ViVa! Island Girl -Mina Kawai-Mugen Desire -Breathless-Haruki Mizuno -Akira Iazura-Lonely Venus -Mao Misaki-Innocent Angel - Private Expression - - - -

- - --

EXTREMELY Adult Anime Titles:

Cool Devices Box Set (3 DVDs)-$55 Imma Youjo Box Set (5 DVDs)-$74 lowest price in the US!

Both series are also available in singles also on DVD! We also have the La Blue Girl Box set of 3 DVDs for $49 (limited offer)

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