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Asiafilm.com Presents U.S. and International Films on DVD

Best International Films- some of the best films from all over the world (mostly Europe and the Americas).

Our inventory collection has been growing. We want to offer some great deals on these great movies from all over the world. As with our other listings, these are new, sealed DVDs, and are normally in stock for immediate shipment. Most of the DVDs on this page are region coded 1 for North America. Subtitle options are noted in each listing where appropriate.

European Films:

French films: Taxi 2 DTS (Reg.3 only)-$17, LouLou (Reg.1)-$23; French All region (Fox-Lorber): Boy Meets Girl-$18, Mauvais Sang-$18, Pola X-$18.

2000 Seen By Collection Set of 8 DVDs! from Fox-Lorber: Eight hard to find avante-guarde films from around the world including The Hole, The First Night of My Life, The Wall, Tamas and Jull, The Book of Life, Life on Earth, The Sanguinaires, and Midnight. All 8 DVDs packaged together- Only $78 plus $7.00 insured shipping. If you include the high shipping cost for 8 DVDs on any other online vendor's site ($12-$16 for this set), our total cost is much lower! We have this in stock ready to ship.

Bardot in a Box - 5 DVD collectable set of four of her hottest movies, plus a free biographical documentary DVD.- $75.00 - BARGAIN!

Babette's Feast - Gabriel Axel director- new release. Multiple language choices, including English. Recommended! - $15

Besieged - English language film directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Thandie Newton (MI-2) and David Thewlis star. Good erotic thriller a la art house film-style. Very well made and acted.- $24

Carla's Song - very good romantic drama - $16

City of Women - Fellini- Great!- $23

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie- Criterion double disc special edition. French language with English subtitles. I only have one set in stock, and when it is gone, it will only be available by special order.- only $30 BEST price on the internet

Disenchanted- Very sexy drama about the life of a very young woman. French with English subtitles. Adults. (only have one opened mint copy-$20).

Insomnia - Excellent Scandinavian film about a hot-shot police detective with a blemished record who is called in on a difficult serial killer case during the 24 hour hour daytime (land of the midnight sun) of a far northern Norway village. At first he seems like a very competent, highly intelligent and resourceful policeman. But as the movie progresses, he is further revealed as not being the kind of person you would want in the police force. A+ only $23 while supplies last.

Jean de Florette-Manon of the Spring - these are two separate movies, but really are part one and two of a single story. Beautifully filmed in the French countryside hills. Elaborately told story of two families- one good, the other evil. Jean de Florette stars Gerard Depardieu. Manon of the Spring stars the lovely Emmanuelle Beart. These are epic tragic dramas, but are not depressing; just more like a long, elaborate, but artistic soap opera. Plenty of light moments and great dialoge. French language with English subtitles. Both are full widescreen 2.35:1 ratio. These are two of my favorite films of all time. - price $16 ea. or $30 for the set of both DVDs. Best price on the net.

L'Enfer - Sexy thriller. Things go wrong for a formerly happily married couple when the husband begins to obsess about his beautiful wife's private life. His jealousy becomes out of control. - $19

The Last Metro - This won two very well-deserved best foreign film awards, largely due to the leading roles of the ever-lovely and gracious Catherine Deneuve and that arrogant charmer Gerard Depardieu. The story is about a woman who hides her Jewish husband in the basement of their theatre, which happens to be very popular in Paris. Her husband was also an extremely popular theatre director for thier theatre before being villified and forced to flee (actually hide) for his life. Depardieu shows up one day to take a leading role in a new play, and sparks fly between him and the woman (Deneuve). If you like French films and haven't seen this one, it will not dissapoint. A very nice Fox-Lorber DVD. Remastered and new translation. Excellent! - $19

Love and Anarchy - Italian with English subtitles- great chaotic story about an anarchist and his romance with a woman. - $17 best price anywhere!

Marquise of O - Eric Rohmer - $18 lowest price in the US!

Mon Oncle D'Amerique - Gerard Depardieu- widely acclaimed film (special jury prize - 1980 Cannes). - $23

The Party - recent release in Portuguese and French, with English subtitles.- $23

Possession- uncut-unrated (adults only)- $19

Taxi - (Region 3 only) - Luc Bessoint, director. Without a doubt the BEST car-chase action comedy film ever made! Worth getting an all-region player for (hint). In French with optional English subtitles.- $15

Ulysses' Gaze - Harvey Keitel, directed by Theo Angelopoulos. 1995 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize Winner. Absolutely astounding and mesmerizing film. One of the best modern drama films ever made. The story follows a Greek-American film director's quest for two lost undeveloped reels of film from the Manakia brothers, pioneers of cinema in that region of the world. His search takes him through several countries north of Greece in southeastern Europe. Scenes of war-torn Yugoslavia and Bosnia are vividly shown. But the most compelling elements are Harvey Keitel's performance, and the direction of this master film maker. 173 minutes, mostly in English, with some Greek with English subtitles. - $22

Mexican films:

Johnny 100 Pesos - Great Mexican black comedy/drama about some small time thieves with a big plan for an in-home video store robbery. Kind of like Resevour Dogs but with a Mexican sense of humor. Spanish language with English subtitles. Excellent and cheap! - $12

Midaq Alley- Another great Mexican film. Story is a really good offbeat drama shown from three different people's perspectives. Highest recommendation. - only $16

U.S. Films:

Army of Darkness - Official directors cut; another Anchor Bay limited edition! Only 40,000 made. Additional 15 minutes of footage added, including an alternate ending which the director and Bruce Campbell prefer. - this has gone out of print-of course. We have one left- $50

Back to Back - Very good American hard-action movie, but in the Hong Kong tradition. Stars Michael Rooker and Ryo Ishibashi. Michael R. plays a down on his luck unemployed ex-cop, while Ryo I. plays a Yakuza hitman visiting in America. Through a set of unique circumstances, the two are brought together (along with Michael Rooker's cute but sarcastic daughter) at a police station where both have been arrested. The action is intense, the suspense is great through the whole film, with just a little Tokyo-style comedy added. Written and directed by Roger Nygard. Highly recommended! Cheap! - $12 while supplies last

Banzai Runner (coming soon)- New release of a 1987 action thriller. Dean Stockwell plays an ex-cop seeking revenge when his brother is carelessly killed by a group of "Banzai Runners," rich men who drive exotic cars at breakneck speeds and live above the law. He gets his chance when it is discovered that these jet-setters might be transporting cocaine, and goes undercover in a no-holds-barred match of speed and aggression. - $20

Big Trouble in Little China-Special Edition double DVD set! (from John Carpenter - Region 1, U.S. film with Kurt Russell)- $23

Black Hole - great classic science fiction. Nothing new, but one of the best standard-issue SF films ever made. Great quality Anchor Bay widescreen version. Also includes full screen version on other side. - $17 Clearance sale.

The Brave - Johnny Dep's directoral debut. Not available in US stores. A man trades his life to improve the welfare of his family. An alegorical film about the plight of Native Americans. - $24

Clay Pigeons - Sexy murder-suspense thriller about a down-and-out small town guy who gets framed and wrongly suspected of being a serial killer. Lots of black comedy too. One of the best low budget films of 1999! We recommend this movie - $16.

Crash and Burn - Very B-grade science fiction. This is in widescreen format, and includes several special features. - only $12

Crime Story! Best TV police drama ever made. This is the pilot feature length film. Nuf said! - $20

The End of Violence- Wim Wenders' first try at an American film. Extraordinary conspiracy theary suspense thriller with Bill Pullman and Gabriel Byrne playing their quirky best. Andie MacDowell also stars in one of her best roles ever. Rich film producer tychoon (Bill Pullman) runs across some dangerous information and immediately is chased, kidnapped and nearly killed by some unknown persons who obviously have some incredible eavesdropping techniques. He hides out and in his own investigating discovers an insidious plot that dwarfs even his own problems. Big Brother is here NOW! - $19

Escape from New York City - Kurt Russel stars in the John Carpenter cult classic about Snake Pliskin, a hardened convict who is conscripted to go into the worst and biggest maximum security prison ever devised - New York City! Gorgeous widescreen print. - only $16

First Blood- S. Stalone- the original! Recent release. Great quality widescreen. One of the best modern action films ever made. - $16

Ghost Dog-The Way of the Samurai - Jim Jarmusch's recent film. He just keeps getting better! Yes, Forest Whitaker is not Japanese, but he's the coolest street-smart samurai "hitman" in America. This is actually one of the best Samurai films ever made, being much more philosophically accurate than Japanese "Ronin" films. This is about a true Samurai who is loyal to one Retainer, who happens to be a low level mafia boss. The action and drama are also comparable to some Mifune Samurai flicks. US Reg.-1 DVD.- $10 bargain price

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man - excellent and eclectic film is done in similar style as many of the best Hong Kong action films. Starring Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson both in their peak acting careers.- $16

Light Sleeper - one of William Dafoe's and Susan Sarandon's best films. Dafoe is a high-paid delivery person for a high class drug dealer (Sarandon). She has planned her early retirement and Dafoe is in a midlife crisis over the job and his existence in general. Oscar-deserving performances and directing. - $19

Lonesome Dove- Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones star in this six hour mini-series. Entire six hours on one double-sided DVD. Only $26

Magnificent Seven- Akira Kurosawa is credited in this great western masterpiece starring the greats Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen. Supurb story, directing, acting; and a nice widescreen print. - $16

Nighthawks- early Stalone. Recommended! - only $9

Positive I.D. - This is a really good movie. One of my favorites. SUBURBAN WIFE AND MOTHER JULIE KENNER HAS SURVIVED A BRUTAL RAPE, BUT THE CRIPPLING TRAUMA REMAINS. FAILED BY THE POLICE, HER FRIENDS, AND HER HUSBAND, JULIE MYSTERIOUSLY BEGINS TO ASSEMBLE A FALSE IDENTITY. SOON THE PLAIN HOSUEWIFE HAS BECOME BOBBIE KING, A SULTRY STRANGER WHO PROWLS LOWLIFE BARS. Highly recommended- a new DVD release of a low-budget cult classic sexy thriller from the 1980s, and filmed in Dallas Texas. - $15 best price anywhere.

Rambo First Blood Part II - S. Stalone- New release. Beautiful picture quality, widescreen. Not as politically correct as the first one, but still one of the best, most well correographed jungle action films ever! - $15 while supplies last

Rambo III - S. Stalone- New release. Beautiful picture quality, widescreen. This time Rambo and Col. Sam Trautman take on the Russians in Afghanistan - $15 while supplies last

Repo Man Limited Edition Tin - includes previously out of print soundtrack (early punk) not available as CD only. Not to mention this great cult classic movie. Out of stock, but can special order. Email for info.

Romeo Must Die - Jet Li, action thriller. The critics are wrong- this is a very good Jet Li movie, with excellent action! - $14 special clearance price.

Rough Magic - rare import- Bridget Fonda and Russell Crowe. Off-beat adventure thriller with real magic. One of the best overlooked films of 1997 Very good!- $15

Sacrifice- Excellent, but very violent, action-filled murder mystery with a great understated peformance by Michael Madsen (the boyfriend in Thelma and Louise). - $16 while supplies last.

Shameless (English) - Set in London. Sexy drama starring a thin but beautiful Elizabeth Hurley, who is a rich man's daughter strung out on crack and heroin. She is rescued by a motorcyle-riding courier from America (C. Thomas Howell), but not after more than one near death experience. Excellent! - $18

Six-String Samurai- awsome apocaliptic 1998 cult classic about a guitar-slinging samurai in the Nevada desert. Great fun- dark comedy; highly re-watchable! Highest recommendation. - $24

Spy Games - Recent release of a quirky romantic and sexy suspense-comedy about CIA agent Harry (Bill Pullman) and SVR agent Natasha (Irene Jacob) fighting to save the world, their lives, and secret love in the post cold war Helsinki. The stunningly beautiful Irene Jacob graces the screen in a demure yet intriguing role as the KGB agent. Bill Pullman is at his quirky best as the ready-for-anything American agent. Similar role as his Darrel Zero character, but without the shyness. Recommended!- $19

Starry Night - New Release - cute comedy/drama. What would Van Gogh do if he woke up today and discovered that his paintings, which were considered ugly and worthless in his day, now commanded huge fortunes and were owned by the most prestigious museums and wealthy collectors in the world? In this fantasy, this is exactly what happens. Of course, no one believes that he is who he says, and his plans to give the money from his paintings to struggling artists means stealing them back, with or without the help of his new love interest, a young art student. $19

Total Recall - Arnold Swartsnegger. One of the best pop Sci-Fi thrillers ever made. Low New Year clearance price - $14 NEW!

Twin Peaks original pilot. Low stock. Now have opened mint copy for $18.

Euro-style Horror Genre Films:

Beyond- Limited Collectors Tin - better get this while you can for this low a price! - $37

Don't Torture a Duckling - a classic of the perverse from Lucio Fulci - now available for the first time ever in America. From Anchor Bay. Full widescreen 2.35:1 ratio, enhanced for 16x9 TVs. This film was lost, but recently re-discovered and restored from various film clips. Presented here uncensored and uncut. We generally have the best discount on Anchor Bay products. Great deal - $20

The Girl Who Knew Too Much- classic Mario Bava - widescreen European version. Black and white; in Italian with English subtitles. - $21

Habit - realistic and erotic vampire movie. New release from Winstar. - $16

Icky Flix-The Residents - This is actually a very innovative music video. Why is this in the horror section? Well, it IS the Residents...and I don't have a music video section.... You should just see for yourself. More than a little mind-stretching and depressive, but worth enduring through. Great fun if your into totally weird music and/or animation!- $19

The Killer Shrews, and I Bury the Living- double feature DVD (2-sided). Killer Shrews was made by Gordon McLendon in my home town of Lake Dallas, Texas! Ultra low budget drive-in horror flicks from the 1950s. Richard Boon stars in I Bury the Living, which actually gets good reviews! - only $10.

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Collector's Tin - Only 5000 made worldwide. Now out of print; but we have a few left.- $43.00

Shock - Mario Bava's graphic 1970s horror classic. Widescreen, enhanced for 16 x 9. Includes Italian, English, and French language soundtrack options. We generally have the best discount on Anchor Bay products. Great deal - $20

Stalker - (VHS tape only) - Russian science fiction cult classic. In Russian language with English subtitles. Excellent! - $15 (double tape- 160 min.)

Suspiria - (VHS tape only) - Graphic Horror by Dario Argento. - only $12

Twitch of the Death Nerve - another Mario Bava classic. Widescreen uncut version; enhanced for 16:9 TVs. - $21



Groove Tube - Wild and crazy 1974 skits - parodies of television commercials. - $17

Gorgo - British Godzilla clone from the 1960s. Cute baby dinosour only 100 feet high gets rescued from circus show in London by it's mother, which is 1000 feet high. Mother destroys losts of London including London bridge and most other great tourist sites. Recommended! - $20

Hands on a Hard Body - No, it's not an adult movie, but it's the funniest docu-comedy ever made. OOP

Kentucky Fried Movie - more weird stuff. - $18



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